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Diabetic Foot Care Treatment

Greater awareness of diabetes related problems and their prevention is of critical importance, especially in India today. According to the International Diabetes Federation IIDF), every 30 seconds a person loses a limp to amputation following diabetes complications.

Hence all diabetic patients need to take uttermost care of their feet. Diabetic patients are more prone for fungal infection in web spaces, corns, calluses. Proper foot care routine like self examination of foot.

  •  Comprehensive foot examination and consultation
  •  Assessment
  •  Anodyne therapy
  •  Management of Diabetic foot problems
Treatment available at our Diabetic Foot Clinic :

Non surgical treatment of certain lesions (dressing, plaster application)

Minor operations-warts, corns, callosity, abscess foot, I/D, ulcers cleaning, debridement, infected/growing nail removal, refashioning stumps.

Major operations – foot saving surgeries, gangrene foot, fasciotomy, minor amputation, major amputation (below knee, above knee), foot salvage procedures, exostectomy, VAC (suction treatment application)